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random writing

Everything in this world keeps me awake. Like, the sound of the pouring rain and the nothingness in the dark. They won’t leave my head for a minute, no! It is too loud here; inside my brain. Please, leave me! No one breaks my heart but I’m still sitting on my balcony alone, crying. Why […]

high school vibes

I met two of my good friends from high school for lunch at Warunk Upnormal which located 10 minutes from my boarding house. This is the first time we meet since our high school graduation, so, it was quite a long time. Almost a year, if I am not mistaken. We also played the game which […]

Relationship blah blah (1)

I’M IN LOVE WITH ZOOEY OMG OMG! I watch her cover over and over again at my boarding house. And this cover brought me to the movie “(500) Days of Summer”. I watched the movie and fell in love with the plot. It is hard to find this kind of romantic movie. It is very […]

Typical holiday

Hiiiiii! I am such a bad blogger. I haven’t written anything for this blog for months. I even didn’t check my notification. OML. Anyway, I’m on my holiday right now. I have many ideas to be written into blog posts, but, I am not able to do it now. I am barely sleeping this week […]

Some Explanation About The Nervously Awkward

Hi, guys! Before I post more often and you guys are annoyed by my postings, I am going to say something about this blog. First of all, this blog is to fulfill my responsibility as a “language learner”. As I am studying English at college, I thought that having something to express my thoughts, writing, […]