I am 18 years old and an English Letters freshman. Was born in Magelang, Central Java and has been living in Yogyakarta since then. I love a lot of things, such as: writing, reading books, stalking other people’s blogs, books and clothes hunting, playing guitar, taking pictures, Instagram-ing, blogging, trying new things with makeup, and window shopping. And of course, there are still a lot of things that are unmentionable.


I use Canon Powershot, Fujifilm Instax Mini 8, Samsung J7, Canon 700D/Rebel T5i (my friend’s), Canon 1200D (my friend’s), Canon 1100D (my friend’s), and iPhone 6+ (my friend’s) cameras. I edit all my photos with VSCO Cam (Filter: SE3 +7, Contrast: +2, Temperature: -2, Exposure: depends) and Afterlight (for Exposure setting only).


I blog from my HP Laptop, ASUS Laptop, and Samsung J7.


I have been to Kep. Bangka Belitung (Belitung), DKI Jakarta, West Java (Bandung, Bogor, Bekasi), Central Java (Magelang, Cilacap, Solo), DI Yogyakarta, East Java (Malang, Surabaya, Pacitan), Bali, Nusa Tenggara Timur (Kupang, Labuan Bajo, Flores). I still have many places on my bucket list right now.


I read both books and blogs. When I am in a good mood, I usually read books (especially heavy books/novels), but if I don’t I tend to read blogs. I personally love all books by Jostein Gaarder and I hope the book “Vita Brevis” will be published in Indonesia soon. I am also a HUGEEEEE fan of Harry Potter series. I really am! I keep re-reading the books as if I don’t have any other books. I love how J. K. Rowling telling stories, really! And the details, tho! BOOM!!!! Mega mind blowing! For blogs, I recommend The Style Rookie (by Tavi Gevinson) and The Style Journal (by Sonia Eryka). Anyway, Tavi has stopped her blog in 2015. You can still stalk her anyway, but she is currently the editor-in-chief of Rookie Magazine. The magazine is worth reading! I personally luuuuv the “Eye Candy” one!


I write blog, indeed. I have written two books as well and got my poem published in Harian Kompas (newspaper). I also won some writing competitions and work as a freelance journalist in Kompas Muda.


I love it since a very young age. My parents are both fashionable on their younger period. My grandparents are also very fashionable. Mom and my maternal grandma used to design and sew their own clothes. I personally, love to buy fabrics, design a cloth, then give it to a tailor. I have the idea of “stylish on a budget” so I won’t waste my money over branded things, really! I don’t have that much money!


I draw, usually, something dark and starry. I only use two types of tools: black ink pen and white marker. Firstly, I draw my characters/anything. Then, I ink them all in black, give them details, and create shadow. Finally, I make dots inside the black ink so I create a starry-looking drawings. I usually draw something about me, myself, and my fantasy. Because, once, a legend, Frida Kahlo, said that she drew herself because the only person she knew the best was herself.


If you have any question, please contact me.