random writing

Everything in this world keeps me awake. Like, the sound of the pouring rain and the nothingness in the dark. They won’t leave my head for a minute, no! It is too loud here; inside my brain. Please, leave me! No one breaks my heart but I’m still sitting on my balcony alone, crying. Why am I delusional? The darkness keeps dancing whenever I close my eyes. I want to scream, but it is late at night. The past haunts me. Why? It seems like I want to cry my soul out. Why am I keep talking to everyone who doesn’t understand? Why I waste my time? I want to sleep. But the monsters won’t let me. I keep staring at the ceiling as if my fear would spy me when I am blinking. I am sleepy. I want to go to bed the way I used to when I was five or seven. I want to fall asleep as easy as when I was two or three. I am tired and my eyes are burning but I keep hearing whisper. I want to fall asleep at night and not waiting for until the sun rises to kill the darkness. I am scared. I am traumatized by everything. Dear, God, Lord, I just want to sleep normally.



[Hey, it’s not a poem by any chance. It’s not something I created to be beautiful. I’m going through something I cannot explain (and don’t expect romantic problems because I really got no time for that). I randomly wrote this with no edit at all and it is a totally random post. But anyway, I wish we all have a good day and a happy life. I’m trying to keep my life moving, so, wish me luck!!! Hehehe. PARDON ME FOR BEING SO EMOTIONAL. I just really love this blog that I could write almost anything on it.]


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