high school vibes

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I met two of my good friends from high school for lunch at Warunk Upnormal which located 10 minutes from my boarding house. This is the first time we meet since our high school graduation, so, it was quite a long time. Almost a year, if I am not mistaken.


I ordered Green Tea Frappe–which was why it costs so expensive for me–and you can tell that my drink was the most expensive. I AM RICH. *then starving for a week*


We also played the game which I don’t know the name. It was like building a tower from these blocks then pick them one-by-one. The one who ruins the tower has to re-arrange them. Then the game starts again. I REALLY DON’T KNOW HOW TO EXPLAIN IT!!!!

Speaking of high school, I am thankful that I passed it anyway, and going to college. In college, I can wear and do whatever I want. I feel the freedom here. The people are also very supportive and unique. Although, it is hard sometimes since I manage everything by myself in college.


BLUUURRRR!!!!! I love to make this facial expression!


ANYWAYYYY, thank you to my friends for bringing back the good parts from high school and all the funny moments.


SKIRT: Liquid. used to be aunt’s (I cut it a little bit); GLASSES: Castle Builder (I purchased it in Lazada.co.id for around $9.5); WATCH: it is fakeee!!! It says Dior, but it is fake. I bought it in a local market anyway. And it is broken. So, yeah; SOCKS: online; SHOES: Doctor Martens


LOOSE JEANS: I designed & made it by myself; SOCKS: my bro’s; SHOES: Doctor Martens


BY THE WAYYYY…… I took some pictures today (for Instagram, actually) and I decided to share them with you, guys. Anyway, if you look at the pictures which I wore loose jeans, you will see that there TONS OF MOUSE’S POO. THANKS MOUSE! YOUR POO IS MY AESTHETIC AS HELL!

I did not take full outfits pictures because I did not have that much time, so, I decided to share what I wore on my lower body part (so awkward!). ANYWAY, DO YOU WANT TO SEE THESE TWO OUTFITS I SHARE WITH YOU GUYS??? LET ME KNOW!!! I WILL POST THEM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.


P.S.: I AM COLLECTING GLASSES!!!! WOAH!!!! DO YOU GUYS WANT TO SEE THEM? EHEHEHE. And also, I’m sorry for the pictures quality. I took all of these pictures with my phone because I forgot my pocket camera at home.



  1. School days are the best


    1. Hahaha, yes and no

      Liked by 1 person

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