Typical holiday

Hiiiiii! I am such a bad blogger. I haven’t written anything for this blog for months. I even didn’t check my notification. OML.

Anyway, I’m on my holiday right now. I have many ideas to be written into blog posts, but, I am not able to do it now. I am barely sleeping this week (sounds massive!). So, I’m just going to share my (typical) holiday activities.

I draw (bad paragraph opening). I have attached two pages of my sketchbook above. If I’m not practicing (like doodling or doing random sketches), I make poems then make my own illustration. I will show you later.

I also went to a two-days trip with my family and visited my Grandparents. I buy some books at the local bookstore as well as buying new clothes.

OHHHHH! And I play guitar a lot (and sing). My friend and I usually go to the local cafe to perform our crap-music-skill.

I hate to talk about religion & stuff, but, here is a pic of me and my friends on Christmas. Fun fact: we are all friends since kindergarten, but, still have a crush for each other (not me, though).

And here is a random pic because I love this corner of my boarding house (kos-kosan) so much.

And the most important thing, I am very addicted to Tumblr, which is why I left this blog for a long time. If you are wondering, my Tumblr account is nervouslyawkward or you can click here.

But, if all those activities I’ve listed above sounds cool, keep in mind that most of the time, I just lay in my bed with my phone and just reading articles or text my friends. Or read lots of books.

I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s the point of this post, but, I hope you all have a good day!



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