Drawing: An Identity


When I was in high school, I didn’t express myself so well. We wore the same uniform and brought mostly the same books. We wore the same black sneakers as well as white socks. For three years, I lived an ordinary life. Meanwhile, reading some “hipster” blogs, such as: The Style Rookie and Rookie Magazine really envy me. They get dressed like they don’t care.

Now, that I have been living as a college student, I can really see the difference. People dress weirdly and they post weird quotes on Instagram. They read books and draw everyday. They have their very own self-identity, meanwhile, I stopped seeking for it years ago.

Currently, I live a happy lifestyle. I wear whatever I like. I sometimes dress weirdly. I don’t care about Instagram feeds anymore. I live a hipster life. I walk to campus from my boarding house with a blue turtleneck in a hot day. I draw starry drawing whenever I feel like it. I wear very bold brown matte lipstick without anyone questioning it.

This drawing was made on September 2016. I carried my sketchbook to Reading Class along with a white marker and black pens. After a long thought at class and some reflections, I decided to picture what I saw and felt about myself on a piece of paper.

The drawing turned out like this. Since I shortened my hair, I see that people complaining a lot. I knew it was such a decision, but I love to watch myself grow hand-in-hand with my hair. Meanwhile, it doesn’t mean that I am a boyish person. I think, I camouflage a lot. I would dress myself based on my mood.
And this is why I love college. I say goodbye to uniform. I found my true self.


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